Alumni Engagement Opportunities

Alumni Opportunities

A key tenet of the mission of the Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance is to build strong connections between alumni and current William & Mary students. The Boehly Center has invited over two hundred W&M Alumni working in finance to engage with undergraduate students through programming such as From DoG Street to Wall Street, Officers’ Council, the Singapore & Hong Kong Summer Study Abroad program, networking events across the globe, certificate courses and more.

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Explore our specific opportunities:

From DoG Street to Wall Street

From DoG Street to Wall Street 2018

Mentor Match

The Boehly Center utilizes a proprietary software package to match current students with recent alumni. The Young Alumni Mentor Program sets itself apart from other mentor match programs by providing individualized attention to each student and by facilitating in-depth connections with recent graduates who best understand how to navigate the hiring process.

Officers’ Council

The Officers’ Council was established in 2014 to engage the young alumni who served as officers in any of the five Center-sponsored clubs since their founding, as well as a small number of alumni who are personally invited to join based on their extraordinary contributions to the Boehly Center and the College. This group meets annually to review Center progress over the past year and offer input on future initiatives.

2020 Officers Council