Alumni & Faculty Awards


Each year, we present a number of awards recognizing those alumni and faculty who have gone above and beyond for current William & Mary students. These include the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy Alumni Award, the Boehly Center Appreciation Award, the Women in Business Alumni Award and the Finance Academy Appreciation Award.

Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy Alumni Award

The members of the Finance Academy annually award graduates of William & Mary who have distinguished themselves in their careers in finance. Awardees are recognized for the selfless contribution of their valuable time and dedication to helping the current student body deepen their understanding of finance and discover their career interests. Past recipients include:

2005: Mike Cummings ’93 BBA Finance
2006: Glenn Crafford ’77 BBA Accounting
2007: Rhian Horgan ’99 BBA Finance and Public Policy
2008: Amy Furman ’85 BBA Accounting
2009: Jeff Huffman ’91 BBA Accounting
2010: Todd Boehly ’96 BBA Finance
2011: Julie R. Agnew ’91 BA Economics
2012: John C. Leone ’91 BA Economics
2013: Christopher A. Maher ’79 BBA Accounting
2014: Karim Ahamed ’79 BA English
2015: Steven D. Williams ’99 BBA Finance
2016: Craig Broderick ’81 BA Economics

Boehly Center Appreciation Award

The Boehly Center Appreciation Award began in 2015 as a way to commemorate individuals who were instrumental to Boehly Center programming. Past recipients include:

2015: Glenn Crafford ’77 for his commitment to undergraduate teaching
2015: Matthew B. Siano ’96 for his commitment to undergraduate teaching
2015: Yvonne Seah for her assistance in the Singapore study abroad program

Women in Business Alumni Award

The Women in Business Award is an award for professionals who have promoted both diversity and academic excellence at William & Mary. In granting this award, Women in Business seeks to recognize the sizable contribution of those who advocate for academic excellence and achievement for all students and faculty.. Past recipients include:

2016: Rick Stanley ’82 BBA

Finance Academy Appreciation Award

The Finance Academy Appreciation Award is an award presented to alumni who notably impacted William & Mary students through their service. Past recipients include:

2009: Dean Liappas ’05 for his directorship of the Young Alumni Mentor Program
2010: Niles Chura ’91 for his service and dedication to W&M students