Risk Management

Mr. Carl Tack ’78
1 Credit Hour | Spring Semester

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce students to risk management through two class sessions during the spring semester. In 2017, students spent the first session hearing a series of lectures from risk professionals in a range of industries. Each professional explained the risks they face in their business and the ways that they measure and mitigate these risks.

The following weekend, the students worked in groups to model complex financial behavior with a Monte Carlo simulation. Professor Hector Guerrero introduced the model and led the students through the exercise. Students received a pass/fail grade upon completion of the course.

About the Risk Management Speakers

In 2017, the following professionals contributed to the course through their lectures and the presentation of the simulation exercise:

Jennifer Carella ’96, Senior Vice President and Associate Actuary at Transatlantic Reinsurance Company

Kevin Nicholson, Chief Market Strategist at RiverFront Investment Group

Scott Stabler MBA ’86, Executive Vice President for Internal Audit at Huntington Ingalls Industries

Professor Hector Guerrero, Professor and former Director of the Resident MBA Program, William & Mary

Mr. Carl Tack ’78, Clinical Professor of Finance, William & Mary, Faculty Organizer and Instructor

Student Testimonials

“From Huntington Ingalls’ manufacturing, to TransRe’s reinsurance, to RiverFront’s investment management, to Professor Tack’s “Bailey Building & Loan,” each of the businesses presented to us in this year’s Risk Management course dealt with their own, unique risks and had distinct ways of evaluating and managing them. I am thankful for the engaging and knowledgeable professionals who were kind enough to share their time in explaining their business models and risk management systems to us. Additionally, I enjoyed Professor Guerrero’s instruction on conducting Monte Carlo and other simulations, exposing us to statistical concepts and methods which gain increasing importance as businesses continue to develop more sophisticated risk models for all aspects of their operations.” – Matt Buckley ’18

​”Taking this course has made me aware of how prevalent risk is in any type of business and how risk comes in many forms. Keeping the concepts I learned in mind, I feel better equipped to address risk in a formal business setting.” – Sabrina Elzbir ’18