Skills Training

The Boehly Center offers numerous opportunities for skills training to undergraduate students, including Training the Street, Bloomberg Certification, Alumni-led Training Sessions and Forté Foundation. In the near future, the Boehly Center will also sponsor an Excel modeling training course.

Training the Street

At least once a semester, the Boehly Center and the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy offer 45 students the opportunity to attend a Training the Street workshop. Professionals from Training the Street come to Miller Hall to lead the students through a two-day workshop on corporate valuation and financial modeling.

Bloomberg Certification

Any student can achieve a Bloomberg Certification through one of the twelve Bloomberg Terminals funded by the Boehly Center located in the McLeod Business Library and the Acuff Financial Markets Center.

Alumni-led Training Sessions

The Boehly Center also offers opportunities for alumni to return to the Raymond A. Mason School of Business to share their knowledge and experience from working in financial fields. Many come back to guest lecture, particularly in undergraduate practitioner-led finance courses. In Spring 2017, the Boehly Center offered a 1-credit course on Risk Management over two weekends, inviting distinguished alumni to share their thoughts on risk and give students the opportunity to participate in a Monte Carlo simulation exercise.

Forté Foundation

Sponsored by the Cohen Career Center, the Forté Foundation’s “Rising Star” program offers a number of opportunities for undergraduate women, including online webinars, national conferences, internship offers and access into MBA program information. Additional information and registration can be found on the Forté Foundation website.