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All programs and events are open to any student interested in financial services and the Boehly Center does not discriminate on basis of race,​ national origin, color, ​sex, gender, sexual orientation, ​disability or age. To find out more click here.

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Events & Trainings

Apply now for a chance to learn hands-on, popular valuation and financial modeling techniques used by finance practitioners, at no cost to W&M students. Friday, August 30 (1 PM – 5 PM) and Saturday, August 31 (9 AM – 1 PM) Applicants must be able to participate for the duration of both sessions in order to register. (Note: this is the weekend leading up to labor day so please plan accordingly.)


Opportunity for students to obtain points for attending sponsored events, programs, and trainings towards prizes through a web/mobile-based app.

Course Applications

Professor Brett Hammond will facilitate the course. This is a 1-credit course to develop skills in harnessing financial data to identify insights and project trends. Students will also be creating convincing presentations, including visualizations, that present solutions to business problems
Professor Katherine Guthrie will facilitate the course. This is a 3-credit course designed to prepare rising sophomores for advanced study in finance up to one year before the traditional curriculum path.

Employment Opportunities

Tribe Careers is the main job, internship, and event posting site for the Office of Career Development & Professional Engagement in the Cohen Career Center.
Students interested in serving as TAs/RAs Summer 2024, Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 can express interest via the form.

Alumni Programs


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Other Opportunities