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Student Spotlight

Ben Simon Headshot

Benjamin Simon ’23

September Spotlight

Major/Minor: Public Policy, Accounting

Current/Upcoming Experience: In the summer of 2022, I will be interning in the Audit department at KPMG in Boston, MA. I am also currently conducting bilingual education research with a professor in the W&M School of Education; we submitted our first collaborative paper last month, and we are submitting our second paper at the end of the Fall semester.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: My experience with the Boehly Center has been limited to my work with Ms. Hutter and Ms. Trice, who advised me in my job search for 2022. After the first time we met and spoke to one another, the advisors at the Boehly Center provided me with a list of W&M alumni who worked at various firms in which I was interested. They guided me through the various processes of reaching out to alumni, setting up informational interviews, preparing questions, and eventually entering the hiring process. It was directly through their work with me that I was able to get in contact with a Boston recruiter at KPMG, where I applied for and was offered a summer audit position. My internship search was frustrating until I was introduced to the Boehly Center. Their advising style is incredibly organized and logical, they respond early and often, and, on the off chance that they don’t know the answer to my question, they know who does. I have never had an advisor on whom I have relied more readily and more comfortably than Ms. Hutter and Ms. Trice; I would recommend them to students of any graduating class or major.

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