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May 17th

Ian Creelman

Ian Creelman ’21

Major: Finance

Previous Internship: Investment Analyst at Cedar Hill Capital Management

Upcoming Job: Private Bank Full-Time Analyst Program at J.P. Morgan Chase

How has the Boehly Center impacted you? I am the Team Captain of the William & Mary Men’s Gymnastics Team. My journey with the Boehly Center and Ms. Hutter specifically started shortly before Winter Break. We had an initial call that was high-level guidance on how to approach a job search. From there, she connected me with several alumni and that began to frame how I was thinking about my career coming out of undergrad. The alumni were incredibly helpful in giving advice to me that I took into great consideration. The Boehly Center and I met several times over the next month’s sometimes with little notice, but they always made themselves available and were willing to help specifically around the time of my SuperDay for J.P. Morgan. JPM gave me only a few days notice on when my SuperDay was and with such a busy schedule, the only day I could do a mock interview was the weekend. Despite that, Ms. Hutter was there to support me once again and we ran through a full mock interview on a Saturday. She gave me her full attention throughout and provided insightful feedback afterwards. The Boehly Center really went above and beyond in supporting me throughout my job hunt, and I am incredibly grateful for their mentorship.

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