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November 13

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November 14-24

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Student Spotlight

June Hodge ’21

Major: Art History

Minor: Accounting

Current Internship

I am currently working part time at IBM. My main role focuses on cost accrued from IBM’s royalty deals. I am also a specialist with IBMs new database, so I work on projects aimed at acclimating co-workers to the new system.

Co-oping at IBM was a phenomenal experience that developed my excel skills and showed me what life after college would look like. After a few days of training I was integrated into a team of skilled financial analysts that worked with me for the duration of the co-op. It was on this team that I projected future forecasts, utilized a multitude of databases, and led team projects. I learned all the necessary skills while on the job which is a testament to their work culture. I was encouraged to take on tasks I had no experience in and to ask questions that challenged the status quo. Overall, it was an astounding opportunity I would recommend to anyone pursuing a career in business.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?

I would never have found out about the opportunity to work at IBM without the Boehly center. I found out about the opportunity through one of their newsletters.

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