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Bloomberg for Education is a knowledge terminal where learners can receive “real-world insights” and bring those experiences into their learning environment. Students can practice on platforms similar to what they will be using in their future endeavors at banks, government agencies, corporations, or other industrial avenues across multiple arenas.

The approach is made on an online learning format that introduces financial markets in the following topics of Core Concepts; Getting Started on the Terminal and Portfolio Management. The estimated time on this program is about 10-12 hours and can be completed at one’s own pace. The central part of the program, The Core Concepts Course, has four required modules – Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities. If you have an interest beyond these topics, Bloomberg for Education offers additional resources and tools to give a more in-depth view.

With a name like Bloomberg, you know that you are learning from an “on-the-pulse” company with information, experiences, research, and insights into a vast global economy.

Bloomberg for Education can be accessed via log-in of the main portal.