Alumni Mentor Match Program

The Mentor Match Program was created more than a dozen years ago by the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy to provide a way for their members to be matched with graduated alumni mentors. The Boehly Center has expanded this program to include all students interested in careers in the financial services sector, in order to give current students a mentor in their desired industry. Students can use their mentor as a resource to gain insight into the mentor’s industry, company, position, career preparation, or anything else relevant to the mentor’s professional experience.

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This program is designed to give current undergraduate students a connection to a young professional in an industry or company in which they have limited exposure. The Alumni Mentor Match Program greatly values its partnership with W&M Connect, which offers a more introductory experience through which students can explore the possibility of a career in finance through informal alumni interviews. The Mentor Program sets itself apart by providing targeted attention to each student. The mentors selected are recent graduates who best understand how to navigate the hiring process and therefore tend to be helpful in a different way with interview preparations, resources, and tips than the more senior connections. Mentors can also provide perspective on life in the positions students will most likely be holding directly out of college. The mentor’s role is not to judge but rather have an open and honest dialogue with their mentees without the pressure that the conversation will impact any future hiring decisions mentors’ companies make. Ideally, mentors can be used as a resource to mentees throughout the career search process and help current undergraduates gain a better understanding of finance before they commit to it as a career.


If you are an alumni interested in becoming a mentor, refer to the Alumni Expectations document and complete the Alumni Interest Form. All questions can be emailed to Dannita Trice at

Alumni Expectations (PDF)


If you are a student interested in becoming a mentee, refer to the Student Expectations document and complete the Student Interest Form, reach out to Dannita Trice at

Student Expectations (PDF)