Awards & Competition Results

Stock Pitch Competitions

Cornell Undergraduate Women in Investing Conference

Hosted by the SC Johnson School of Business at Cornell University, the Undergraduate Women in Investing Conference is designed to educate undergraduate students about the rewarding career opportunities available to women in investment management, a field in which women are vastly underrepresented.

  • 2020 W&M Team received 2nd place
Michigan Undergraduate Investment Conference

Hosted by the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, the Michigan Undergraduate Investment Conference is an opportunity for students to pitch long positions in front of a panel of current industry professionals.

  • 2010 W&M Team were finalists
  • 2019 W&M Team received 2nd place
W&M Women’s Stock Pitch & Leadership Summit

Hosted by the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary, this is an opportunity to create an environment that inspires undergraduate women to ignite their passions and explore their potential. To do this, the event encourages collaboration among disciplines and brings together students and professionals who will share their skills, knowledge and expertise in developing the next generation of leaders.

  • 2019 W&M Team received 3rd place
  • 2022 W&M Team received 4th place
Georgetown Stock Pitch Conference

Hosted by the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, the Georgetown Stock Pitch Conference takes place every April in Washington, DC. The team is fielded from the ranks of the Mason Investment Club. Teams are required to pitch a long or short position in a stock with a market capitalization over $250 million trading on either the NYSE or NASDAQ.

  • 2011 W&M Team were runner-ups
  • 2012 W&M Team were runner-ups

CFA Research Challenges

CFA Institute Research Challenge

Hosted by the CFA Institute, this competition provides a solid learning experience to the real world of investments. It is the only finance competition with a corresponding required class at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business.

  • W&M has participated since 2008, winning the local competitions 9 of the last 12 years: 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, & 2020.
  • 2012 W&M Team: After winning the Virginia state competition, the team advanced several rounds at the Americas level to reach the final four

Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy Alumni Award Recipients

The Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy Alumni Award is presented on behalf of members of the Finance Academy to graduates of William & Mary who have distinguished themselves in their careers in finance. Awardees are recognized for their selfless contribution of their valuable time and dedication to helping the current student body deepen their understanding of finance and discover their career interests.

  • 2005:  Mike Cummings ’93 (Major: Business Administration – Finance)
  • 2006:  Glenn Crafford ’77 (Major: Business Administration – Accounting)
  • 2007:  Rhian Horgan ’99 (Major: Finance, Public Policy)
  • 2008:  Amy Furman ’85 (Major: Business Administration – Accounting)
  • 2009:  Jeff Huffman ’91 (Major: Business Administration – Accounting)
  • 2010:  Todd Boehly ’96 (Major: Business Administration – Finance)
  • 2011:  Julie R. Agnew ’91 (Major: Economics)
  • 2012:  John C. Leone ’91 (Major: Economics)
  • 2013:  Christopher A. Maher ’79 (Major: Business Administration)
  • 2014:  Karim Ahamed ’79 (Major: English)
  • 2015:  Steven D. Williams ’99 (Major: Finance)
  • 2016:  Craig W. Broderick ’81 (Major: Economics)
  • 2017:  Ed McGann ’82 and Rick Stanley ’82, BNY Mellon (Major: Economics)
  • 2018:  John Simmons ’92, JP Morgan (Major: Finance)
  • 2019:  Carl Tack ’78, Professor, former Executive Director of Boehly Center & Leader of Financial Literacy Program
  • 2020:  Matthew B. Siano, Esq. ’96, Two Sigma (Major: Government)
  • 2021:  Jessica M. Burt ’02 (Major: Business Administration – Finance)

Julie R. Agnew Distinguished Service Award

The Julie R. Agnew Distinguished Service Award is given annually to selected graduating seniors who have provided exemplary service to the Finance Academy during their undergraduate studies. This award is named in honor of the Finance Academy’s founding advisor, Professor Julie Agnew, in recognition of her outstanding commitment to undergraduate students.

  • 2013:  Daniel Barzach, Derek Ng
  • 2014:  Neal Chhabra, Elena Painter, Harrison Roday
  • 2015:  Conor Donovan, Peter Voth
  • 2016:  George Rudebush, Christina Devon, Abbey Doski
  • 2017:  Kevin Andrews, Giorgio Caterini, AJ Scalia
  • 2018:  Matt Buckley, Hailey Arindaeng, David Pontari
  • 2019:  Ellen Longman
  • 2020:  Abraham Haji, Caity Farr, Mike Muratore, Murray Ryan
  • 2021: Raman Khanna, Alhassan Ouf
  • 2022: Nick Chestnut, Katie English