Student Spotlights


David Weissman '24

Name: David Weissman

Major: Finance

Position: Risk and Financial Advisory Analyst at Deloitte

How has the Boehly Center impacted you? The Boehly Center has offered me the opportunity to network with peers and educate my fellow students through the Financial Literacy Program where I have served as a peer educator for the last two years.


Raghav Adimulam '25

Major: Finance

Graduating Class: 2025

Current Internship/Upcoming Job: Summer Analyst at Curtis & Co.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you? The Boehly Center has allowed me to develop my interest in the financial markets through the Mason Investment Club. In addition, the breadth of the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy and the alumni network allowed me to identify strategy consulting as a career - without this network, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain my internship.


2024 Post-Baccalaureate Fellows

The Boehly Center is excited to welcome its 2024 Post-Baccalaureate Fellows!

These are December graduates who work for the Center each spring. We have hired two Fellows: Laine Duncan (left) and Abby Berry (right). They will be supporting the Women's Stock Pitch Competition, Charlotte Trek, and other Boehly Center initiatives throughout the semester. Please help us in welcoming Laine and Abby!


Matias Moragas '24

Major: Finance

Minor: Economics

Current Internship/Upcoming: HSBC Global Private Banking Intern

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?:
The Boehly Center stands as a cornerstone in my professional growth and student success during my time at William & Mary. Through programs such as the DoG to Wall Street conference, I was able to network with leading professionals in the financial service industry, and eventually find the sectors in finance I am passionate about. The Boehly Center has provided me with incredible assistance in preparing for interviews and the entire job application process, and this would not have been possible without their support and guidance!


Sylvia J. Shklyar '25

Major: Economics

Minor: Finance

Graduating Class: 2025

Current Internship/Upcoming Job: Sales & Trading Intern at Goldman Sachs

How has the Boehly Center impacted you? The Boehly Center has changed my life … for the better! From connecting with hedge fund professionals through specialty courses to serving as an ambassador at Dog Street to Wall Street, my network has been deeply enriched, and I am forever grateful. Since the Boehly Center has been so influential to my success, I now want to help other students and am serving as a [Peer] Industry Advisor. Thank you, Boehly Center!


Kathy Wang '24

Major: Finance & Business Analytics
Minor: Data Science

Recent Internship: Risk and Financial Advisory Intern at Deloitte

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?:The Boehly Center has provided their unwavering support and guidance throughout every step of my academic career and my professional development journey. The staff have been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration, pushing me to achieve my aspirations. Through every opportunity given, I was able to develop my skills and knowledge, build relationships with industry leaders, and gain valuable experience that has prepared me for a successful career. I am truly so grateful for everything the Boehly Center provided me, and would not be where I am today without the Boehly Center!


Charles Tai '24

Major: Finance
Minor: Economics

Recent Internship: JPMorgan’s Middle Market Banking Summer Analyst Program

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?:
The Boehly Center has been instrumental to my professional development and journey as a student at William & Mary. I’ve pitched at Mason Investment Club, met successful finance alumni at DoG 2 Wall Street and Wall Street Program, and learned from Student Managed Investment Fund and Training the Street. As the current coordinator of the Financial Literacy Program, I have had such a rewarding experience presenting valuable personal finance topics to the campus community at-large. Much of my passion for finance would not be possible without the support of the Boehly Center!


Daniela Pereira Flores '24

Major: Business Analytics (Data Science), Organizational Behavior and Management Concentration

Current Internship/Upcoming: Legal Business Solutions Intern at PWC (Washington DC)

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?:
The Boehly Center has played a major role in my academic, professional, and even personal life. I have been able to meet amazing people who are not only kind and helpful but are people who truly care about me, my interests, and my success. Every event, opportunity, and program that I have been able to attend through the Boehly Center has allowed me to grow tremendously, and I could not be more grateful to the staff and all the resources that they provide us. Having a place like the Boehly Center truly makes a difference for all of us, especially during stressful moments such as prepping and recruiting, so I am thankful for all the support, motivation, and encouragement.


Rachel Oduntan '25

Major: Economics and Public Policy

Graduating Class: 2025

Current Internship/Upcoming Job: KPMG Embark Scholar Intern

How has the Boehly Center impacted you? I work as a Student Partner at the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center, so my job exposed me to the work of the Boehly Center. I came to the Boehly Center for career advice. Dannita Trice, Boehly Center Advisor, bounced career ideas with me, helped me transform my resume with a simple template and encouraged me to connect with alumni in my interested fields. I attended the Women's Stock Pitch and Leadership Summit in 2022 which inspired me as I connected with other women who share my values of ambition and determination. Attending the summit also enhanced my networking skills and encouraged me to apply for internships at the end of my freshman year. The Boehly Center has been very supportive even though I am not a student at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business, which highlights their inclusivity as a student resource.


Jacob Karen '23

Major: Business Analytics / Data Science

Minor: Computer Science

Current Internship/Upcoming Job:
Summer 2022 Internship: Tunabear Consulting; David Trone's congressional office

Upcoming Full-Time Job: Strategy & Consulting Analyst at Accenture Federal Services.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: The Boehly Center gave me plenty of options to explore my career interests over the last two years. I was able to attend tons of seminars on industry/firm specific careers and network with alum who currently work in the field. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be, and is ultimately what led me to consulting!


Pat Priore '24

Major: Finance

Minor: Economics

Current Internship/Upcoming Job: Investment Banking Summer Analyst in the Securitized Products Group at MUFG

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: Being on the executive board for the Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy has opened many opportunities to learn and practice the key skills beyond the academics of Finance. The Boehly Center opens the door to true professional development that is invaluable for networking, the recruitment process, and ultimately landing the internship or full-time role. Throughout my time at Boehly, I’ve been able to meet professionals from across Mason’s alumni network and I’m excited to keep learning and networking!


Rachel Kim '23

Major: Finance & History

Current Internship/Upcoming Job: Regulatory Compliance Summer Analyst at PIMCO in their New York office!

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: The Boehly Center has played a pivotal role in my professional development. I am the first in my family to go to university in the United States and the first in my family to pursue a career in the financial services industry. The Boehly Center provided me with guidance, made introductions, and supported me while navigating through my internship search. In sophomore year, the Boehly Center introduced me to the IBM Co-op program which I took part in during the Spring of 2021. While narrowing down my career interests, the Specialty Finance Course - Hedge Fund Management - played a pivotal role in my decision to enter compliance last summer. The Boehly Center staff and opportunities have been nothing but kind and supportive throughout my college experience and I am grateful for having such an amazing support system at W&M.


Julia Hays '23

Major: Finance and Economics

Recent Internship: Global Markets Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: The Boehly Center has helped push me outside my comfort zone in many ways and has been crucial in my professional development. From resume reviews, interview prepping, and providing networking opportunities, I wouldn’t be where I am now without the staff and resources of the Boehly Center. Currently, the Boehly Center is helping me match my strengths and interests as I continue to job search. I am currently on the Women’s Stock Pitch team where I’m developing my equity research, public speaking, and financial modeling skills. I have the Boehly Center to thank for encouraging me to apply for this incredible opportunity.

Alexander Rippey Headshot

Alexander Rippey '22

Major: Finance

Minor: History

Current Internship: Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Intern

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: Dannita Trice was instrumental in guiding me through the recruiting season. She greatly helped improve my resume and interview skills, while encouraging me to give back to others. Professor Joey Smith, the incoming director of the Boehly Center, was also very helpful in formulating my personal financial strategy over the next several years -- I would highly recommend taking Advanced Investments with him. The Cognitir Python and SQL trainings offered through the Boehly Center cemented my passion for analytics. I look forward to continuing my involvement with the Boehly Center next year!

Miguel Abradu-Otoo Headshot

Miguel Abradu-Otoo '23

Major: Finance

Concentration: Accounting

Current Internship: Global Markets Intern at TD Securities

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: The Boehly Center was pivotal to my success as a student and a young professional. I first began my relationship with the Boehly Center in my sophomore year when I was seeking guidance for internship and externship opportunities. They were able to help me carve out a path to take to help me network and find opportunities. Later that year, they encouraged me to take part in the Alumni Mentorship program to help broaden my network and expand my business acumen. Lastly, they motivated me to take up a leadership role in the Finance Academy and the Peer Mentorship Program to edify my leadership skills. I can’t express enough how much gratitude I have for the Boehly Center and my experience is not an anomaly. When I speak to students and alumni alike, the same sentiment is shared. The Boehly Center is quintessential to the success of Business School students.

Aanchal Goenka Headshot

Aanchal Goenka '23

Major: Finance

Minor: Data Science

Current Internship: Summer Scholar at Deloitte Consulting

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: The Boehly Center has had an instrumental impact on my professional development journey. I have participated in various Boehly Center programs: Dog to Wall Street, Women’s Stock Pitch and Leadership Summit, William & Mary Wall Street Program, Training the Street Programs, the Peer Mentorship Program, and the Boehly Incentive Program. These opportunities enhanced my networking skills, communication abilities, and business acumen. Additionally, as President of Smart Woman Securities, I have been lucky enough to work with the Boehly Center in sharing these different opportunities with the rest of the student body. I am thankful for Boehly Center’s support these past few years in growing my career readiness and leadership skills.

Aaron Maisus Headshot

Aaron Maisus '22

Major: Finance

Current Internship/Upcoming Job: This upcoming Fall I will be working for Grant Thorton as a Transformation Consulting Associate at their Los Angeles, California office.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: The Boehly Center has made a huge impact on my William & Mary experience and professional development. When I first transferred to William and Mary, I had no internship or work experience and I knew very little about the hiring process. I walked into the Boehly Center, and they were ready to help. They were extremely helpful in starting my job search and helping me throughout the whole process, and with their help it led to multiple job offers. A few things that they were able to do along the way include resume support, networking sessions with alumni and mock interviews. Additionally, I got the opportunity to take the Hedge Fund Management course which is one of the Boehly Center special classes taught by an industry professional. I also attended numerous seminars offered through the Boehly Center like Training the Street and DoG Street to Wall Street. I am extremely grateful for the services offered at the Boehly center and their amazing staff!

Women's Stock Pitch & Leadership Summit William & Mary Team Photo

2022 William & Mary Women's Stock Pitch & Leadership Summit Team

With the 7th Annual Women's Stock Pitch & Leadership Summit now concluded, the Boehly Center recognizes the six amazing students who represented W&M in the competition: Sarah Carnell, Caroline Jiang & Shriya Kosuru (W&M Green sub-team) and Emma Mormile, Nandhini Nallamotu & Caroline Scheider-Williams (W&M Gold sub-team). Each worked tirelessly to prepare a captivating pitch along with their professional coaches, Executive Partners of the Raymond A. Mason School of Business, Robert (Bob) Mcknew and Thomas (Tom) Zeni!

The W&M team presented an astounding final stock pitch to the competition judges and attendees, ultimately coming in 4th place! Please join us in congratulating the W&M Team for their fantastic pitch and placement!


Gabrielle Jeong ’24

Major: Finance, Accounting Concentration

Minor: Sociology

Graduating Class: 2024

Current Internship/Upcoming Job (company, projects if able to share, etc): Incoming Johnson Lambert Audit Intern: Vienna, VA. I am incredibly excited to be joining their team this upcoming summer!

How has the Boehly Center impacted you (maybe share club affiliations, networking, opportunities, etc.):
I am beyond grateful for the Boehly Center and their influence on my career and professional development. They have provided me with so many opportunities and experiences that have truly refined my interests. My involvement Boehly Center sponsored programs such as the Deloitte Audit Challenge, CFA Research Challenge, Fremont Group’s Inspiring Futures in Finance Program, and BBA Investment Club have been highlights of my extracurricular activities, and I have learned so much from each program. It was only through my experiences in these programs that I was able to truly understand my passion and talent in finance.

Not only have they provided me a plethora of ways to get integrated into the business school, the Boehly Center provided me a direct pathway to my upcoming Johnson Lambert internship. The Boehly Center made the intimidating summer internship search easy to navigate and manageable. Their staff are truly wonderful and continue to be supportive of my endeavors and I cannot thank them enough!


Olivia Hettinger ’23

Major: Economics

Minor: Finance

Current Internship/Upcoming Job: Credit Suisse Sales & Trading Summer Analyst

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: The Boehly Center has single handedly made a finance education accessible to me at William & Mary. The Boehly Center's Distinguish Financial Management course is what originally piqued my interest in finance and ultimately brought me into the business school. I quickly got involved as the VP of Logistics in Women in Business, and through this involvement I joined the W&M Women's Stock Pitch Team. The Stock Pitch Team set me up well for internship applications and interviews. Next summer I will be working at Credit Suisse in Sales & Trading due in large part to my Boehly Center involvement. Along the way I have taken several Boehly Center special classes taught by industry professionals including Applied Financial Concepts and Hedge Fund Management as well as seminars offered through the Center like Training the Street. Educational opportunities like courses, speakers, and seminars coupled with experiential learning opportunities like the Stock Pitch Team are the cornerstone of my finance education at W&M and have catalyzed my early career in the finance industry.


Ivey Chaney ’23

Major: Finance

Minor: Accounting (concentration)

Graduating Class: 2023

Current Internship/Upcoming Job (company, projects if able to share, etc): Incoming Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs (Salt Lake City, Utah)

How has the Boehly Center impacted you (maybe share club affiliations, networking, opportunities, etc.): The Boehly Center has been incredibly helpful during my internship process. I started going to Ms. Hutter and Ms. Trice because I honestly had no idea how to get started applying to internships for this upcoming summer. They helped me find people to reach out to, applications to apply for, work through mock interviews, and answered any question or concerns I had. I honestly would not have gotten this far without their help.

2021 Student Spotlights

December Spotlight

Emmanuel Murphy '22

Major: Data Science

Minor: Finance

Current Internship: Capital One – Management Intern. This summer I conducted industry & peer research, built in-house ESG objectives, & led strategy meetings for External Affairs.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: From pulling back the curtain and giving me insight into the career hunt, to introducing me to professionals in private equity, the Boehly Center was the decisive factor in my professional success. Not only did I leave meetings with Melanie & Morgan more confident in my potential, but through programs like DoG Street to Wall Street the Boehly Center reframed my ethereal vision of a “future in finance” into tangible goals. I will always be grateful for the coaching on navigating sensitive conversations with employers and for the countless meetings spent meticulously packing my resume with “power verbs”. Thank you Boehly Center!

November Spotlight

Diana Tian ’22

Major: Finance (with Business Analytics Conc.) & Economics

Current Internship/Upcoming Job:
Summer 2020: Ernst & Young DSG & Girls Who Invest OIP Scholar
Summer 2021: UBS Global Markets Summer Analyst
Post Graduation: UBS Global Markets Analyst

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: I am so thankful how Boehly shaped my experience not only as a student but also as a student leader at the Women in Business Club (WIB). As a student, I was privileged to take the Hedge Fund Management course with Prof. Siano and to learn hands-on financial modeling and valuation skills from the completely free Training the Street program. The Women's Leadership Summit and the DoG to Wall Conference connected me with wonderful alumni and broadened my understanding of the financial industry in a practical way.

One of my favorite undergrad experiences is being a part of the WIB family with all the motivated, sweet, and intelligent women. Dannita shared invaluable advice with us to better serve the WIB community, and she also developed the weekly leadership series for all board members to learn from each other last semester (Topics included: Servant Leadership, Setting Boundaries, etc.).

As WIB’s VP of mentorship, I co-run the Peer Mentorship Program with two other program coordinators from other Boehly clubs. We are so passionate about building the bridge to connect high-achieving upperclassmen with younger peers who were in their shoes before, and we pair mentor-mentee pairs based on similar career interests for all business majors starting this year. The most touching part of the program is to see how mentees explored different career possibilities, practiced networking skills, worked on a resume, and, ultimately, secured an offer early on with the help from their mentors. All of these would not happen without the support from the WIB community, my two teammates, and Dannita, Morgan, and Dezire from the Boehly Center!

Katie Peabody Headshot
October Spotlight

Katie Peabody ’22

Major: Government , Marketing

Recent Internship: Fidelity Investments: I interned at the Tysons Corner branch this summer as a Personal Investing intern. I loved my time with Fidelity so much I’m beyond excited to join the team full-time this upcoming summer as a Financial Representative!

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: I cannot thank the Boehly Center enough; they are the most supportive, resourceful, and invaluable group of people I’ve had the pleasure to interact with at William & Mary! I relied heavily on Morgan Hutter this past winter break as I searched for a summer internship, and she went above and beyond to provide the most lucrative guidance possible. She thoroughly prepped me for each interview, giving me feedback on my mock interview responses, and ensured I felt 100% confident in myself before speaking with each firm. Aside from a deep-seated commitment to student success, what really makes the Boehly Center special is its extensive alumni connections. They put me in contact with a plethora of William & Mary alumni currently employed at the firms I applied to, all incredibly eager to speak with me and answer my questions. Most, if not all, kept in touch, providing genuine support and encouragement throughout my internship search. As a mentor in the Peer Mentorship Program, I strived to offer the same level of quality advice and resources to my mentees. With everything I’ve compiled and learned from the Boehly Center, they made my job quite easy! Ultimately, I can’t express how appreciative I am of the team of individuals at the Boehly Center; I truly would not have found such a perfectly suited and rewarding opportunity at Fidelity without their continued assistance and optimism!

Ben Simon Headshot
September Spotlight

Benjamin Simon '23

Major: Public Policy, Accounting

Current/Upcoming Experience: In the summer of 2022, I will be interning in the Audit department at KPMG in Boston, MA. I am also currently conducting bilingual education research with a professor in the W&M School of Education; we submitted our first collaborative paper last month, and we are submitting our second paper at the end of the Fall semester.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: My experience with the Boehly Center has been limited to my work with Ms. Hutter and Ms. Trice, who advised me in my job search for 2022. After the first time we met and spoke to one another, the advisors at the Boehly Center provided me with a list of W&M alumni who worked at various firms in which I was interested. They guided me through the various processes of reaching out to alumni, setting up informational interviews, preparing questions, and eventually entering the hiring process. It was directly through their work with me that I was able to get in contact with a Boston recruiter at KPMG, where I applied for and was offered a summer audit position. My internship search was frustrating until I was introduced to the Boehly Center. Their advising style is incredibly organized and logical, they respond early and often, and, on the off chance that they don't know the answer to my question, they know who does. I have never had an advisor on whom I have relied more readily and more comfortably than Ms. Hutter and Ms. Trice; I would recommend them to students of any graduating class or major.

August Spotlight

Alyssa Copeland '22

Major/Minor: Finance/Biology

Current Internship: J.P. Morgan - Middle Market Commercial Banking Team

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: My first experience with the Boehly Center was during my sophomore year when I went to New York City as part of the Cohen Career Center Wall Street Program. This was an incredible opportunity that enabled me to learn about a number of finance disciplines and work on my early networking skills, which thankfully have improved since! The Boehly Center also connected me to an amazing and inspirational group of women through the Women in Business community, one that I now call my home at William & Mary and serve as President. We focus on career exploration and empowerment, connecting the next generation of leaders with their futures.

Darrin Lilly Headshot
July Spotlight

Darrin Lilly '23

Major: CAMS Applied Statistics and Data Science

Current Internship: Credit Suisse IB (Financial Sponsors Group)

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: Without the Boehly Center, I likely would not have discovered what I wanted to do within the vast world of finance. Rita, Morgan, Melanie, and now Dannita have provided me with great opportunities and put me in positions to succeed. Due to their commitment to William & Mary students, I have been able to excel in and out of the academic environment.

June Spotlight

Sami Knox '22

Major: Marketing & Economics

Current Internship: Business Consulting Program at Ernst & Young (EY)

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: There have been so many networking and personal growth opportunities within the Boehly Center! I am a member of Women in Business and have participated in their mentor program as a mentee and mentor. My junior summer I also completed the Mason Summer Business Institute. The program gave me opportunities to learn about interviewing, networking and specific skills regarding my major. This past fall, I was in the interview stage for summer internships and the Boehly Center pointed me in the right direction for how to prepare as well as conducted mock interviews tailored to me.

May Spotlight

Cornell Stock Pitch Team

We highlight members of the Cornell Stock Pitch Team, teaming up in preparation for Cornell's Undergraduate Stock Pitch Challenge!

Jennifer Feng, a junior with double majors in Finance and Economics, shared, "I'm very excited to be on the team and can't wait to see what I can gain from this journey." Jennifer is joined by first-year student Joanne Hu -- a talkative, Boba tea-addicted ENFP currently considering a major in Computer Science. Sandy Kelso (bottom), a rising junior from Vero Beach, Florida studying art & art history, is interested in a career in marketing and sales for private and public art collections. The three are joined by their fellow teammate, Molly Gaffney.

We wish Jennifer, Joanne, Molly & Sandy the best of luck in September!

Ian Creelman
April Spotlight

Ian Creelman '21

Major: Finance

Previous Internship: Investment Analyst at Cedar Hill Capital Management

Upcoming Job: Private Bank Full-Time Analyst Program at J.P. Morgan Chase

How has the Boehly Center impacted you? I am the Team Captain of the William & Mary Men’s Gymnastics Team. My journey with the Boehly Center and Ms. Hutter specifically started shortly before Winter Break. We had an initial call that was high-level guidance on how to approach a job search. From there, she connected me with several alumni and that began to frame how I was thinking about my career coming out of undergrad. The alumni were incredibly helpful in giving advice to me that I took into great consideration. The Boehly Center and I met several times over the next month’s sometimes with little notice, but they always made themselves available and were willing to help specifically around the time of my SuperDay for J.P. Morgan. JPM gave me only a few days notice on when my SuperDay was and with such a busy schedule, the only day I could do a mock interview was the weekend. Despite that, Ms. Hutter was there to support me once again and we ran through a full mock interview on a Saturday. She gave me her full attention throughout and provided insightful feedback afterwards. The Boehly Center really went above and beyond in supporting me throughout my job hunt, and I am incredibly grateful for their mentorship.

Michelle Li
March Spotlight

Michelle Li '23

Majors: Finance & Data Analytics

Current Internship: This upcoming summer, I will be interning with Curtis Process Consulting, LLC as a Summer Analyst where I will be advising clients on optimizing their financial performances through the powers of process and data science. I was also incredibly lucky to have externed with the firm through the 2021 Futures Externship Program in January. During the summer, I will also be completing the Online Intensive Program at Girls Who Invest.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?The Boehly Center has helped me tremendously not only in my academic journey, but also in my professional career. As a freshman, my interest in finance sparked after joining Women in Business, Finance Academy, Mason Investment Fund, and Smart Woman Securities, and hearing from numerous professionals through DoG to Wall Street, Training the Street, Women's Stock Pitch and Leadership Summit, and other events. These events have truly broadened my scope of the finance industry as well as its applications to technology. Through the Boehly Center, I also had the pleasure of meeting Pocket Sun ('13), the Founder and Co-President of SoGal Foundation and through her, I was able to learn more about the fields of venture capital and private equity. As the Chapter Lead of SoGal Williamsburg, my passion for female empowerment and bringing diversity to venture capital grew stronger and demonstrated the strength of the Mason alumni network at William & Mary. The Boehly Center has truly shaped who I am as an individual in the business world.

Ishita Garg
February Spotlight

Ishita Garg '23

Majors: Finance & Economics

Current Internship: I am currently interning at NRV as a Venture Capital Spring Analyst. At NRV, I've had the opportunity to evaluate many investment opportunities as well as prepare valuation analyses for the fund’s portfolio companies. This upcoming summer, I will be a Summer Intensive Program Scholar at Girls who Invest.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you? My first interaction with the Boehly Center was my freshman fall when I joined Smart Woman Securities. This was an influential first step in gaining exposure to finance because I was able to learn about financial basics, present a stock pitch, and meet upperclassmen who had experience in finance, all before actually taking any finance classes at the business school. Since then, I have had the opportunity to network with alumni at DoG Street to Wall Street and meet other finance alumni through the Boehly Center's network. More recently, I have become a member of the Women’s Stock Pitch Team as well as a Finance Academy Vice President. I cannot thank the Boehly Center enough for providing me a supportive environment where I can further my professional and personal development, in addition to allowing me to explore my various finance interests through seminars and workshops!

January Spotlight

Carlos Freyre '22

Majors: Finance & International Relations

Current Internship/Upcoming Job: This upcoming summer I’ll be in San Fransisco working as a Financial Planning analyst for Fremont Group. This past semester I also had the opportunity to work under Dr. Atanasov as a TA for Financial Management.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: The Boehly Center has been my north star during these past few months. When COVID struck and the internship I had lined up was canceled, the Boehly Center allowed me to spend my summer refining my technical and soft skills at their Summer Business Institute instead of wasting away on my couch.
SBI helped figure what I wanted to do with my degree and taught me exactly what to do in order to get there. After hundreds of hours of cold calls and what seemed like a million applications I finally landed a few first round interviews, which the Boehly Center helped me translate into offers. From exclusive information sessions to resume construction and even mock interview practice, I can confidently say I would not be working for Fremont without the Boehly Center.

2020 Student Spotlights

Alex Loukili
December Spotlight

Alex Loukili '22

Major: Finance
Minor: Econmics
Current Internship: I will be spending this upcoming summer in JPMorgan’s Middle Market Banking Summer Analyst Program. While the program starts in June, I have enjoyed meeting my future teammates through Zoom chats and the interview process.
I spent last summer working at Tysons Corner boutique FOCUS Investment Banking building pitchbooks, writing industry reports, and constructing DCF and LBO models.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: I first interacted with the Boehly Center as a freshman when my track and field teammate and Finance Academy President Duncan Goodrich met with me and stressed the importance of networking, getting involved in Boehly Center clubs, and taking the initiative.
Since that conversation, I have pitched a stock in the Mason Investment Club, conducted undergraduate research with Dr. Vladimir Atanasov, participated in networking events such as the DoG Street to Wall Street and the Wall Street Program, and utilized the Boehly Center’s amazing staff and LinkedIn group to connect with alumni.
Through these activities I have gained knowledge of different financial careers, developed my analytical and research skills, and learned how to talk to professionals. My experience with the Boehly Center has been just as valuable to my professional development as my finance courses themselves. I now look to pay this knowledge forward to younger students as I start my second year as a Finance Academy Vice President.

November Spotlight

June Hodge '21

Major: Art History
Minor: Accounting
Current Internship: I am currently working part time at IBM. My main role focuses on cost accrued from IBM's royalty deals. I am also a specialist with IBMs new database, so I work on projects aimed at acclimating co-workers to the new system
Co-oping at IBM was a phenomenal experience that developed my excel skills and showed me what life after college would look like. After a few days of training I was integrated into a team of skilled financial analysts that worked with me for the duration of the co-op. It was on this team that I projected future forecasts, utilized a multitude of databases, and led team projects. I learned all the necessary skills while on the job which is a testament to their work culture. I was encouraged to take on tasks I had no experience in and to ask questions that challenged the status quo. Overall, it was an astounding opportunity I would recommend to anyone pursuing a career in business.
How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: I would never have found out about the opportunity to work at IBM without the Boehly center. I found out about the opportunity through one of their newsletters.
October Spotlight

WIN Conference Stock Pitch Team

From left to right, then top to bottom, Diana Tian, Lindsey Whittaker, Grace Van Dellen, Maghana Boojala
This team of undergraduate students took second place at the annual WIN Conference Stock Pitch. The Undergraduate Women in Investing Conference, hosted by Cornell University, is designed to educate undergraduate students about the rewarding career opportunities available to women in investment management, a field in which women are vastly underrepresented.
September Spotlight

Garrett Curtiss '21

Major: Finance
Minor: History
Current Internship: I worked as a Corporate Banking Summer Analyst for RBC covering Power, Real Estate and Municipals in New York last summer and I am going back next year.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: The Boehly Center and Finance Academy in particular has opened a lot of doors for me professionally. Officers in Finance Academy helped me with mock interviews, constructing my resume, and connecting me with alumni who have helped prepare me for recruitment.

August Spotlight

Meghana Boojala '22

Major: Finance, Accounting Concentration
Current Internship: I am currently wrapping up an internship in asset management with Fidelity Investments. The internship was structured so that I was able to rotate through all six of Fidelity's asset classes and partake in the analytical process of investing in various portfolios.
How has the Boehly Center impacted you: I can attribute a lot of my academic and professional development to the Boehly Center. As a freshman, I joined Smart Woman Securities and learned about fundamental analysis and stock pitching before I even attended the block classes my sophomore year. Joining this organization helped me succeed at countless interviews, internship projects, and networking events. Moreover, the various networking opportunities, such as the Women's Stock Pitch and Leadership Summit, allowed me to network with alumni from various companies I was interested in. The seminars hosted by Finance Academy and Women In Business help me broaden my perspective on the financial world. I am a new member of the Financial Literacy Program, and through this, I have been given an opportunity to directly give back to the students on campus and help promote financial literacy. As the current president of Smart Woman Securities, I am able to interact with many new Boehly members and organize valuable seminars — the Boehly Center stands out because it creates a culture of students helping students.