Financial Modeling Club

The Financial Modeling Club aims to introduce students from diverse backgrounds in mathematics, finance, computer science, physics and economics to the field of quantitative finance. The club hosts talks and seminars with alumni, industry professionals and professors. Club events aim to provide members with opportunities to learn about financial derivatives, actuarial science and different types of quantitative models. Financial Modeling Club also hosts career talks with recent alumni and graduating students.

Professor Hugh Marble serves as the faculty advisor.

2019 Club Officers

Left to Right – Alahassan Ouf, Alicia Draper, Michael Fairbanks, John Napoli, Prakrit Shukla



2018 – Summer Intern, Markel Group

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Vice President

2019: Analyst Intern, Stone Pier Capital Advisors, LP
2018: Investment Banking Extern, Clearsight Advisors
2018: Investment Banking Extern, Dickinson Williams & Company
2018: Summer Finance Intern, Kingsley-Bate Furniture

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Vice President

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Vice President

Spring 2018: Participant, W&M Global Innovation Challenge Case Competition (1st Place)
Summer 2018: Business Analyst Intern, Cummins Inc. (Singapore)
Summer 2019 Data Science Analyst Intern, International Fund for Agricultural Development (Rome, Italy)

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Event Highlights

Acclaimed Valuation Professor Aswath Damodaran Speaks at FMC Event

April 8, 2016

NYU School of Stern Professor Aswath Damodaran discussed the relationship between using the qualitative and the quantitative in a company valuation. He first highlighted that one must be both a storyteller and a number-cruncher to succeed in valuation. Then, using his own valuations of Uber and Ferrari as examples, Professor Damodaran illustrated the process of creating one’s own story for the future of a company and then applying that story to valuation numbers. Finally, Professor Damodaran emphasized that creativity is the key to a successful career in finance.

Professor Damodaran is best known for his widely used academic and practitioner books on Valuation, Corporate Finance and Investment Management, his online lectures and his great reputation as both teacher and authority. Profiled as one of the top 12 U.S. business school professors, having given talks at Google and other esteemed places, and being a resource to various institutions on Wall Street, he graciously volunteered his time to join us in Williamsburg.