Summer Intern & Full-Time Hubs

The Summer Intern & Full-Time hubs can only be accessed by the W&M community.

These hubs are intended to help W&M students connect and support one another as they intern and work in cities across the U.S. during the summer. While this program is targeted toward finance students, all W&M students are invited to join.

For further questions and concerns, please contact

Suggestions for Use

  • Finding a Roommate
  • Transportation to/from Work
  • Meal Meet-Ups & Coffees
  • Weekend Exploring
  • Networking

The Boehly Center and its events, programs and clubs are open to any student interested in financial services and the Boehly Center does not discriminate on basis of race,​ national origin, color, ​sex, gender, sexual orientation, ​disability or age. To find out more click here.