Financial Literacy Program

What is the Financial Literacy Program?

The Boehly Center Financial Literacy Program is a student-run, non-credit, certificate-granting program offered by the Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. It seeks to provide students with a working knowledge of basic personal finance concepts in critical areas such as personal budgeting, student loans and personal credit, the economics of higher education, insurance and taxes, and saving and investment for retirement. The program is open to all current W&M undergraduate students.

Why is financial literacy important?

Your finances will affect every aspect of your life. Effective money management can ensure a more stable marriage, your ability to afford new experiences, and greater personal freedom. A lack of financial awareness will lead to poor outcomes:

  • Over 40% of Americans cannot afford a $400 emergency expense
  • 43% of student loan borrowers are not making payments
  • 38% of U.S. households have credit card debt

Our program will help you plan for your desired lifestyle and avoid costly mistakes. In the long run, financial literacy will provide a sense of freedom and a boost to happiness. We provide seminars, one-on-one tutoring, and financial workshops for students groups.

How does the program work?

  • The Financial Literacy Program is a 4-session series running each semester (dates TBD in future Boehly Center Communications)
  • The program also holds one-off sessions upon request (please see the form above). These one-off sessions can combine multiple topics listed above depending on the request & audience.

Subject Matter Modules

  • Introductory Personal Finance Topics
    • Budgeting, Saving, Credit/Credit Cards, Investing
  • Student Loans
    • Types of Student Loans, Application Process, Repayment, Refunds, Considerations/Alternatives
  • Your First Job
    • Taxes, Insurance, Retirement Saving/Planning
  • Graduate School
    • Informative Overview, Affordability, Pros/Cons, and Additional Considerations

The Team

Peer Educators are student leaders who create & present the Financial Literacy Program’s content with the direction & supervision of faculty directors.

Meghana Boojala ’22

Introductory Personal Finance Topics


Finance and Religious Studies double major

Extracurriculars: Student Assembly, Smart Woman Securities, Finance Academy, President’s Aide, Tridelta


Olivia Naughton

Olivia Naughton ’22

Student Loans


Government major, Management and Organizational Leadership minor

Extracurriculars: W&M Women’s Lacrosse Team, Tri Delta, Students for University Advancement


Emily Lo

Emily Lo ’23

Your First Job


Business Analytics major

Extracurriculars: Online Intensive Program Scholar at Girls Who Invest, President of Taiwanese American Student Association


J. Alex Sadid ’24

Introductory Personal Finance Topics


Finance major, Mathematics minor

Extracurriculars: Chesapeake Bay fishing, golfing, outdoors/wildlife



Raman Khanna ’21

Your First Job


Finance major and Data Science minor





Ignas Vismantas

Ignas Vismantas ’21

Graduate School


Finance major





Grace Kuai

Grace Kuai ’23

Student Loans


Finance major

Extracurriculars: Alpha Kappa Psi, Tribe Innovation




Sumaiyah Fatima ’22

Your First Job


Accounting major, Finance concentration

Extracurriculars: Director of Financial Operations of sorority chapter



Brayan Juarez ’23

Graduate School


Accounting and Economics double major

Extracurriculars: club soccer team, Latin American Student Union