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Finance Academy Kick-Off Event

Thursday, Miller Hall 1008

Women’s Stock Pitch:

April 5-6 2024

Intro to Python Training

Friday, April 19, 9 AM – 5 PM

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Student Spotlight

Charles Tai ’24

October Spotlight

Major: Finance

Minor: Economics

Recent Internship: JPMorgan’s Middle Market Banking Summer Analyst Program

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?: The Boehly Center has been instrumental to my professional development and journey as a student at William & Mary. I’ve pitched at Mason Investment Club, met successful finance alumni at DoG 2 Wall Street and Wall Street Program, and learned from Student Managed Investment Fund and Training the Street. As the current coordinator of the Financial Literacy Program, I have had such a rewarding experience presenting valuable personal finance topics to the campus community at-large. Much of my passion for finance would not be possible without the support of the Boehly Center!

Careers in Finance Podcast

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The Boehly Center and its events, programs and clubs are open to any student interested in financial services and the Boehly Center does not discriminate on basis of race,​ national origin, color, ​sex, gender, sexual orientation, ​disability or age. To find out more click here.