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Student Spotlight

Emmanuel Murphy ’22

December Spotlight

Major: Data Science

Minor: Finance

Current Internship: Capital One – Management Intern. This summer I conducted industry & peer research, built in-house ESG objectives, & led strategy meetings for External Affairs.

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: From pulling back the curtain and giving me insight into the career hunt, to introducing me to professionals in private equity, the Boehly Center was the decisive factor in my professional success. Not only did I leave meetings with Melanie & Morgan more confident in my potential, but through programs like DoG Street to Wall Street the Boehly Center reframed my ethereal vision of a “future in finance” into tangible goals. I will always be grateful for the coaching on navigating sensitive conversations with employers and for the countless meetings spent meticulously packing my resume with “power verbs”. Thank you Boehly Center!

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