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Student Spotlight

Daniela Pereira Flores ’24

February Spotlight

Major: Business Analytics (Data Science), Organizational Behavior and Management Concentration

Current Internship/Upcoming: Legal Business Solutions Intern at PWC (Washington DC)

How has the Boehly Center impacted you?:
The Boehly Center has played a major role in my academic, professional, and even personal life. I have been able to meet amazing people who are not only kind and helpful but are people who truly care about me, my interests, and my success. Every event, opportunity, and program that I have been able to attend through the Boehly Center has allowed me to grow tremendously, and I could not be more grateful to the staff and all the resources that they provide us. Having a place like the Boehly Center truly makes a difference for all of us, especially during stressful moments such as prepping and recruiting, so I am thankful for all the support, motivation, and encouragement.

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