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Student Spotlight

Miguel Abradu-Otoo Headshot

Miguel Abradu-Otoo ’23

July Spotlight

Major: Finance

Concentration: Accounting

Current Internship: Global Markets Intern at TD Securities

How has the Boehly Center impacted you: The Boehly Center was pivotal to my success as a student and a young professional. I first began my relationship with the Boehly Center in my sophomore year when I was seeking guidance for internship and externship opportunities. They were able to help me carve out a path to take to help me network and find opportunities. Later that year, they encouraged me to take part in the Alumni Mentorship program to help broaden my network and expand my business acumen. Lastly, they motivated me to take up a leadership role in the Finance Academy and the Peer Mentorship Program to edify my leadership skills. I can’t express enough how much gratitude I have for the Boehly Center and my experience is not an anomaly. When I speak to students and alumni alike, the same sentiment is shared. The Boehly Center is quintessential to the success of Business School students.

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